Rethinking Physical & Spiritual Cleanse

 As some of us enter fasting periods or seasons (Lent, Ramadan, detox for health etc) , I would like to challenge some ideas that people have regarding spiritual and physical renewal and fasting. ( Some refer to detox, but I will address that overused word in another post). What feeds the body is not merely food. Therefore spiritual or physical cleansing or renewing cannot be done with changing diet or eating vegetables alone.

This is over simplifying the body and temple and the world around you. To improve, renew or restore both physical and spiritual health you must consider adjusting what you see, hear, speak and breathe. Who you touch or what you feel. What you do with your body; exercise? Fight? Embrace? Sex? How you spend your time, is it mainly on social media, or is it spent on meditation or prayer. What about the obvious toxins? smoking, coffee or alcohol. Who do you spend your time with and what is in your space. Even our ancestors (who were not exposed to all the toxins and pollutants we are) incorporated more than fasting from certain foods, to be renewed and restored.
Only when considering all senses and all influences are you really making a concerted effort to improve spiritual being or physical health. Remember what are your goals, how do things around you get you closer to or further from God and Health.


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