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Permission to Play: Reclaiming Creative Mindful Activities

People who are home bound or in nursing home are usually due to severe physical and /or mental disability from advanced medical disease. Therefore, in this population, anxiety, frequent outburst and recurrent hospitalizations is common and difficult to manage. As a provider, when there is a simple remedy that reduces these things, you pay attention. In my time working in nursing homes and making home visits, I noticed that my patients with the least amount of hospitalizations, less anxiety , less reports of pain and were generally more content , had one thing in common. It wasn’t a medication, a new Medicare incentive, it wasn’t a procedure, it was a HOBBY, specifically a creative mindful activity. Whether the patient was bedbound, had intellectual disability from childhood, whether they had dementia or anxiety from chronic disease; patients who crocheted, colored or played puzzles were more relaxed , more content and quite frankly less sick. These clients had less symptoms, …

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