Optimizing Black and Latino Health

African American and Latinos continue to suffer from disproportionate rates of health conditions that are preventable and largely related to social, economic and environmental inequity. This is known as health disparities and contributes to higher rates of HIV/AIDS, asthma, diabetes, heart disease and violence among disadvantaged minorities. As opportunity improved, health disparities remain, only shifting from acute infectious disease to chronic debilitating conditions.

Despite millions of dollars invested in the research conditions of African American and Latino Health, only a small percentage is used to sustain community programs that actually improve health. The few programs in existence focus on access to health services ( ie clinics ) minimizing the importance of primary prevention, community, spirituality and community on health .

The health and wellness of African Americans and Latinos exist beyond the individual or physical health, It involves mental, spiritual, family and community wellbeing as well.Patients spend about 20 minutes in a doctor’s office but spend the remainder of their time at home, at their jobs and within the community.
We must address the health factors outside the doctor’s office.We must think and approach health differently to improve our outcomes.We must be educated and empowered to make informed health decisions, transforming their lifestyle, household and community. 
Welcome to Health Empowerment for African Americans and Latinos.